We have developed a complete portfolio to detect pathogens, our focus is not only on the quality of ready-to-eat products, but also on the complete monitoring of production processes.

Our purpose is to increase the profitability of food products from farm to table and prevent dangerous diseases from affecting people and animals. We identify pathogens such as viruses and bacteria in time that cause huge production losses and health damage.

We take care of  people´s well-being, preventing contaminated food from reaching your home.

Due to our experience in the field, we adapt fast to market needs allowing us to anticipate customer problems.


Certified and Accredited Laboratory

ISO 9001:2015 ISO17025:2017


Emprendedores en La Mira-Trama (2014) / EmprendO- El Observador (2016) / 8M-MIEM (2016) Tech Demo Day-La Salle- Campus Barcelona (2020).

7+ years of experience

In microbiology and control.

Lic. Laura Macció

Founding Partner

Oscar Figueira

Founding Partner

Ing. Jeniffer Baioni

General Manager

Dra. Rosina Fernandez

Quality Manager

Dr. Martín Masner

CRO- I+D+i Leader


Habilitación MSP: Habilitación como empresa fabricante de reactivos de diagnóstico. Cert:2042
DILAVE Certification: An officially authorized company to carry out microbiological analyzes in water, meat and dairy products, various foods, on work surfaces and environmental control.
LSQA 9001: 2015 Certification: Local and regional production and commercialization of ready-to-use microbiological control supplies, and microbiological control services for third parties.

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